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V.E.R.N. is an emotion recognition software 

designed to be integrated into your stack 

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Add emotion detection to YOUR stack!

Our patented technology is designed to detect human emotions, and with our easy to use API you can quickly deploy. Humor? Well here at VERN that’s no laughing matter. We have one of the worlds best humor detector.

Customer Satisfaction

Want to know if your customers or employees are angry? VERN’s anger detector picks up latent clues ranging from passive aggressive to violent outbursts.

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F A S T  A.P.I.

Easy to integrate with your stack, you can get emotional scoring in near real time.


V.E.R.N. boasts the world's most revolutionary humor detector. No more pre-filtering humor.

A N G E R 

Detect angry emotional signals in your user's communications, from passive-aggressive to violent rage.



V.E.R.N. can provide you insight into when your users are sad and let you know  what the issue is.

I N C O N G R U I T Y 

Detect incongruities in messages with V.E.R.N. If it's unusual, we can detect it. 

R E A L  T I M E

Real-time analysis from VERN allows you to get results as they happen and can enable your bot, CSR, signals intelligence system to respond like a human 

Easy to use Dashboard

See stats for how your customer's are emoting...

...check invoices...

...turn on and off emotions for each run of queries.

Get an idea of the overall emotion of your users!

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